Two years later there is still a great desire to return to live in the city destroyed by the earthquake. Rome, 5 July 2018. At the charity event called “Una sera per Amatrice”, organized by “Terre di Amatrice” Association ONLUS the perfume dedicated to a destroyed city was there.


Roberto and Marina received so much solidarity, so much warmth and so much hope. This event created moments full of deep emotions, specially when Roberto give the perfume as a gift offered as the first brick for the reconstruction of Amatrice.
We lived together that evening with those who love Amatrice. It was a wonderful event, thanks to Terre di Amatrice Onlus Association. We really breathed hope and desire for reconstruction, a lot of love for this land, and it is in this magical atmosphere that we decided to donate this unique work of Maestro Lorenzo Dante Ferro: our fragrance, that he designed, set in the symbol of reconstruction par excellence: the brick. Not a random brick, but coming from a historic Church of the fifteenth century.
With this gift, with Amatrice in our hearts, we have made a pact with all those present: we won’t stop until the last brick of Amatrice is laid. Only then, when our city will explode of life again, our joy will be full, because our imagination will match reality.