Pitti Fragranze is one of the most important trade fairs worldwide for artistic and niche perfumery.
Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world flock to the pavilions in search of enchanted, unique fragrances, from extraordinary history, such as that of 401: a fragrance created by Master Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro and born from a passionate love for a city that doesn’t exist anymore.
The project has triggered a race of solidarity from all those who knew Roberto and Marina from the beginning; it’s really hard not to fall in love with their story. That’s why they were present at Pitti Fragranze 16, between hundreds of huge exhibitors, with the strength of their rebirth project that involves not only a family but also a beautiful all the community and territory.

It was really a journey inside ourselves, into everything that pushes us to run towards the goal with the heart in our throats. Amatrice was in our hearts and minds all the time. Pitti Fragranze has enchanted and amazed us.
This fair has projected us into the world. An extraordinary chapter has just ended and a new one is already coming. The strength within ourselves makes us proud of every goal.