Tester – Scented towel


This practical Tester allow you to appreciate the 401 È AMATRICE fragrance before buying the perfume.

The Tester pack contains 3 perfumed wipes of the perfume “401 È Amatrice”, one for you and another 2 to give to anyone you want.

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The composition 401 È AMATRICE, created with care and mastery by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer, contains 140 ingredients selected from the best qualities of essential oils and aromatic raw materials, orchestrated to grow in crescendo, in a unique and elegant in synergy with the skin.

401 IS AMATRICE is a classic Italian accord of citrus notes such as Bergamot, Arancio Amaro and Limone and fresh herbaceous notes of Basilico, Timo and Santoreggia with floral accents of Damascena Rose and Gardenia. The gradations of the green, slightly bitter notes of the Muschi d’Albero and of Galbano intertwine with the suggestive arrangement of the precious woods of Vetiver, Silver Fir, Atlantic Cedarwood and the spicy nuances of Black Pepper, Juniper and Coriander on a precious background of Amber and Mosco.


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