Marina and Roberto Serafini together with their daughters, Alessia and Domiziana have, quite fortunately, an incredible story to tell. Yes, fortunately because it is thanks to good luck and fate that this family miraculously survived during the night of August 24, 2016 when they witnessed the collapse of their entire town during a dramatic earthquake. Theirs, is a family of merchants that once proudly owned and ran the most antique perfumery in Amatrice. Then, came the first tremor. Followed immediately by indescribable fear. Dust and debris became their most vivid recollection.


There are not enough pages to account for what happened in the days that followed. Some of you know about it, some of you were there, others from a distance are still involved today in extraordinary projects of solidarity and there are those who are still simply trying to understand.
First, they lived in tents, then a container was assigned to them some weeks later as their new home. The Serafini family decides that waiting in the hopes of the resumption of their work makes them ill at ease, especially since there is very little left of their town to make them feel the slightest bit comfortable.
Marina and Roberto begin to speak with a few friends, then confide in still more friends about their deepest fears. Finely, it is thanks to Vincenza Bufacchi of the National Confederation of Artisans and small to medium business enterprises of Rieti that they were able to meet Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza.
This couple, both highly respected designers, immediately seized the moment: Marina and Roberto should develop an entirely new and positive business model starting from the source of the one passion that they have always shared together and loved the most – the world of perfume. A perfume.
The idea was to create a perfume that would bear the name of Amatrice, one that would signal new  beginnings by combining quality sensorial characteristics with action as opposed to just waiting.


At this point, it was necessary to place our trust in a nose for the creation of this new and exclusive fragrance:  Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer didn’t hesitate to undertake the project and straight from the beginning in September of 2017, he began to work on the alchemy of the essences as suggested to him by his own intuition. This is how 401 È Amatrice came into being.
After that, an important PR and communications firm founded by Katia Jorfida and Cristina Rota, became involved to give structure and body to the project, and better yet to tell this unique story made possible through the efforts of people and their generosity. Giovanni Gastel didn’t hesitate to meld the magical light of his camera together with the essence of a perfume, that is not just a fragrance, but much more, otherwise it wouldn’t make our eyes sparkle so.
A box, a perfume, an essence. Still, something was missing.
If we look back at what happened, one thought torments us. Could it not have happened? Could it have been avoided? “I would like a form of protection to hold our new creation, like a safety net with a tight weave that would save even the tiniest grain of sand.” Our perfume 401 È Amatrice also has the important task of trying to change situations so that what happened will never happen again. Anna Maria Sacconi, through her silent and essential artform, created and provided us with this much desired message of care and protection. A net, a fine gauze.
“Now, it won’t fall, it can’t fall. It won’t happen anymore.”  The perfume.
The perfume composition 401 È Amatrice, was created with masterful care by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Italian Master Perfumer and contains 140 ingredients selected from the finest qualities of essential oils and aromatic raw materials orchestrated to develop in crescendo in a unique and elegant manner, in synergy with your skin. 401 È Amatrice is a classic Italian accord of citrus notes like Bergamot, Bitter Orange, and Lemon with fresh herbaceous notes of Basil, Thyme and Savory combined with the floral accents of Damask Rose and Gardenia. Gradations of the green notes of Tree Moss and Galbanum Resinoid are intertwined with the suggestive accords of precious woods of Vetiver, White Spruce, Atlas Cedar and the spicy shadings of Black Pepper, Juniper and Coriander on a precious background of Ambergris and Musk…

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